RAZ BOILERS established in 1994.are one of the reputed manufacturer in design engineering, site installation and commissioning wide range of Non IBR & IBR Steam Boilers, Hot Water Generators., Thermic Fluid Heaters, Burners and Air Heaters.

RAZ BOILERS is the most respected brand name in specialized engineering services in the field of Boilers.

Since all these hard working years have been able to supply more than 1000 units to our prestigeous client.

Since our founding in 1994, We are continuously looked for the best ways to serve our customers. This website is in keeping with that goal. Please visit to see the products ad services that have made us one of the most respected and enduring leaders in process heat equipments industry.

We also caters the following products :

  • Water Softeners
  • D. M. Plants / Reverese Osmosis Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Wet Scrubbers
  • Jacketed Vessels

Our Objective
Consolidating leadership in our markets and expanding market position worldwide.

Providing advance environment friendly and reliable boiler solution for any kind of Industry.

Being a boiler service provider, establishing wide service network coverage.

To provide high quality and well finished units with consistent reliability and performance.
Our Mission
Leadership in boiler supply, services based on technology and operational experience.

Constant development of our technology for all Boilers & firing systems providing innovative solutions to customers.

As we operate in very competitive environment, We conduct our business fairly with positive mind and deep understanding of system application.

Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process at RAZ BOILERS is designed to produce high quality Boilers using an extensive experience of our skilled technician. Each Boiler is produced according to the individual needs of the customers is built to ensure that the highest standards in the industry are met.
Project Control
Products are designed and manufactured at one facility. We see project through all phases from design to installation. Manufactured at one location , eliminating many co-ordinations and production delays. Ability to meet aggressive schedule.
Quality will always a vital role at RAZ BOILERS. Therefore it is imperative , the company maintains an effective quality control systems to govern all codes of Indian Standards. We always use the latest fabrication techniques. We ensures strict adherences to quality control right from the selection of raw material to the final dispatch resulting the fine quality products.
Dedicating to producing products of highest quality. Products are seen through all phases of development. Products are tested to highest standards. People makes the difference.
The Board of Directors of RAZ BOILERS comprise gentlemen of enormous experience from diverse industries. They come together with a determination to nurture the interests of our customers.

Because of our director's committed approach to achieve the excellence, RAZ BOILERS Pvt. Ltd. have grown firmly and steadily in very short period.

Mr. Zafar Mohammed-Isahak Khan , Executive Director.
Mr. Arshad Mohammed-Isahak Khan , Marketing Director.