Thermic Fluid Heaters

Liquid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater
Capacity: 70,000 KCals/hr. to 10,00,000 KCals/hr.

Fully automatic, three pass design.

Design for max, efficiency 89 ± 2%.

The Thermic fluid circuits permits the transfer of energy at high temperature without the risk of corrosion or pressure.

Designed for heating thermic fluid up to 300 C almost at atmospheric pressure.

All heat transfer parts made of heavy duty Boiler quality steel tubes, giving long life and safe working.

All standard indigenous part ensures easy availability of spares.
Solid Fuel Fired Thermic Fluid Heater
Capacity: 70,000 KCals/hr. to 15,00.000 KCals/hr.

Suitable Furnace For Every Fuel Horizontal grate For Coal, Lignite, Wood Chips etc. & Inclined Grate (Step Grate ) For loose Bagasse, Wood, Waste, Husk etc.

Balanced Draft System : Ensure minimum infiltration of unwanted air. so efficient combustion & Higher Efficiency.

Vertical / Horizontal Design : Easy to operate & maintain, Low building & infrastructure cost.

Thermic Fluid Preheater : Absorbs the waste heat of the flue gasses & Increase the efficiency.

Zar Water Softner
Zar water softner with FRP pressure vessels one charge of cation exchange resin, manual multiport top mounted valve & plastic regeneration tank.

Light weight, easyto install. Do not require concrete foundation.

Top mounted valve for smooth operation. Does not require electricity nor operator.

Pre assembled & can be installed within hours. No wear and tear parts.

Easy availability of spares.

Consumption of shampoo, detergent, scouring powder/liquid & toilet soap. Prevent hair loss, make hair shine & skin soft.

No deposit of salt on utensils & tap. Fixtures don't clog.